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About us

About Amptech

Amptech Power Transformers manufactures of various types of Power, Distribution Transformers, Control Transformers, etc..

We are keen to follow systems to maintain total quality and have always believed in the trust of the client. Two decades of
service in the transformer industry, Amptech Power Transformers has been approved by all major Industries, State and Govt Electricity boards, and reputed consultants all over India.

We have a fully equipped testing laboratory to ensure zero defect products. Testing equipment in the laboratory is periodically calibrated from Govt. approved test labs.

Our transformers are manufactured to high-quality standards. We have vast expertise in the design and manufacture of current transformers for metering, protection, and special protection applications.

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Our Work Process Steps

Our Working Process


The Core is built from laminations cut from cold rolled grain oriented silicon steel sheets and special grade of lamination like MOH Grade, Laser Materials. The laminations are interleaved and usually have partially mitred or fully mitred joints.

The limbs and yokes are of graded section, thereby maintaining the same flux density and facilitating the assembly of cylindrical coils. In all cases the core is electrically earthed by means of copper strip.


The Windings are made from electrolytic copper or aluminium conductor covered with either paper or enamel. The coils consist of any one of the following types:

(A) Spiral or Helical Coil

(B) Cross-over Coil


Prior to despatch each transformer undergoes all routine tests as per relevant specifications.

Ratio Test at all taps
No load test at rated voltage and frequency
50% and 100% Load Loss test at rated current, rated frequency and impedance volts applied
Temperature Rise Test
Pressure Test
Measurement of Zero Phase Sequence Impedance Test.